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Since Carlos was feeling better, we decided to go visit the Temple of Heaven, a complex of gardens and beautiful round towers where the Emperor (the Son of Heaven) would tribute the gods of Heaven for a good harvest. Contrary to previous days, the sky was so blue and clear. We had the theory that, after the Moon Festival, many manufactures stopped, thus reducing the amount of pollution drastically – but this is only our guess… In front of the Temple of Heaven we saw the Pearl Market, so we decided to go and buy an umbrella to avoid sunburn from the scorching weather of that day. The building is incredible – it has several levels full of merchants that sell whatever you might be looking for (phones, electronic devices, scarves, imitation purses, perfumes and clothing…). As you were walking the aisles, you would hear the sound of “Hallow, hallow, Samsumg?” “Hallow, hallow, you want some speakers?” “Hallow, hallow, iPhone”… The fun here is to bargain, bargain as hard as you can (however, we suck at bargaining, so we think we were ripped off, haha). These guys are some pros, and if you don’t keep your cool, you may end up very stressed out. Once in Temple of Heaven, we passed from the market stress to the relaxation of the park, where people were playing some kind of Chinese chess—whose name we haven’t learned yet—cards, exercising, dancing or playing with a feather flat ball (similar to a badminton ball).

People playing Chinese chess.

People playing Chinese chess.

They were really good at this. That old woman was a pro.

They were really good at this. That old woman was a pro.

I'm obsessed with the roofs and their details.

I’m obsessed with the roofs and their details.














Back to the metro, in a bridge, here is where I'd love to have a tripod...

Back to the metro, in a bridge, here is where I’d love to have a tripod…

3 thoughts on “China – Beijing – Temple of Heaven

  1. It is called chess. Very similar to the chess you are used to. Also, as far as bargaining in China, just remember to have fun. Unlike in the Middle East or India, they don’t get mad (or pretend to get mad) if you give them a low ball offer. Joke with them, they like it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Victor! The mystery is now solved ^^. I think we are getting better and better about bargaining, this makes part of the learning process 🙂 Love seeing you around here, miss you!
      @John, thanks for the encouragement and for following us, big hugs to you!

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