Nepal – Bardia National Park

  • There are 3 ways of doing a tour around Bardia National Park (easy to organize through any of the lodges):
    1. On foot. You don’t count with much protection other than a stick, so it is more risky but you have more chances of seeing animals. However, since the guides are very knowledgeable and some of the animals such as the tigers are elusive, it is unlikely you’ll cross one.
    2. By jeep. You have less chance of spotting animals because they get scared from the noise of the car. The trip is usually more expensive than by foot and more limited, as cars can only access some external areas.
    3. On an elephant. You can approach rhinos with no fear of being charged, but in our opinion this is cruel to smart animals that suffer both physically and psychologically during their whole lives (we invite you to make your research and tell us your thoughts). Another good reason is that it is also more expensive and of shorter duration than going on foot or by jeep.
  • Bring clothes on dark colors like green, grey or black; don’t wear any light, bright colors like white, blue or yellow. Military clothes are of course best for camouflage amidst the jungle landscape.
  • Bring a pair of binoculars if you have some, as you can spot tons of different birds, otters, crocodiles, deer and monkeys from far away.
  • It is advisable to book your accommodation prior your arrival so that the hotel staff can pick you up at Ambassa; otherwise it can be difficult to find transportation there, as it is 14 km apart and Ambassa is a rural area.
  • If you go in summer time, bring a good insect repellant, lots of water, sunglasses and a hat.

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