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Humayun’s tomb

After some time we are feeling a bit better, so after yet another visit to the doctor for tests we head to Humayun’s Tomb, a mausoleum that Haji Begum, the emperor’s wife, ordered to build in 1569 to house his dead husband.

By the time we leave the doctor it is rush hour, and the crowds are such that it’s almost impossible to enter in the metro coaches. It is so packed that we have to go a few stops in the opposite direction to be able to get a spot in one coach, and it is still difficult. Before the entrance of the tomb complex there is a park full of Muslim people playing the most popular sport in India: cricket. The image turns to be quite original to us and a picture manages to be saved in our camera before a man asks us impolitely to not take pictures.


When we finally make it to the monument, there are no more than 40 minutes left of opening time so the guards are rushing us around. Everybody’s leaving and we are the only ones entering, which is a bit shameful I must say…

This is the building that served as inspiration for the Taj Mahal. Indeed, it is very similar, but red instead of white, completely built in sandstone. As the guards keep reminding us there’s barely time left, we arrive at the feet of the mausoleum and one of the officials kindly guides us (very quickly) around explaining the different vaults. We are completely alone so it feels great and quiet… Arriving late can sometimes have its advantages, like for example taking a picture with no one in it 😉








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  1. Dios!! me he leído todo el texto antes de comer… y no sé si ha sido lo correcto!!! 🙂
    Realmente vais a venir cargados con una gan cantidad de historias, expericencias, vivencias…. ánimo chicos!!!

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