India – Delhi

Lotus Temple

The Lotus temple was designed for all religions in general, so that any follower of any belief could have a place of worship. As its name states, it looks as a lotus flower and reminds a lot to the Opera in Sydney, so it looks very cool.
The temple is easily reachable by metro, and the views from the platform are very nice because it can be seen from an elevated perspective. We mistake the entrance with a huge park that surrounds the temple, so we innocently add an extra tour around the (never ending) park before finding out that the entrance was actually a few meters further from the start but in the other direction…

We are forced to leave the tripod at the entrance gate, with our doubts it will still be there at our return because the guard leaves intermittently his seat and doesn’t have a very friendly attitude…

Hesitant, we rush inside the complex, leave our shoes outside and walk through the gardens to the interior of the building. The structure is impressive from the outside, but due to its neutrality the inside is very simple, with white walls and wooden benches but no other decoration, so we go back right away and luckily retrieve the tripod from the empty guard shack.



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  1. Dios!! me he leído todo el texto antes de comer… y no sé si ha sido lo correcto!!! 🙂
    Realmente vais a venir cargados con una gan cantidad de historias, expericencias, vivencias…. ánimo chicos!!!

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