How it all started

When we moved to the US, we would be fantasizing about the idea of just staying there for a couple of years, save some money and go on a trip around the world.

This kind of “joke” came up in our conversations more and more often, especially every time we went somewhere for a short vacation, since by the time we would feel at ease in the area and found out about more things to do, we had to go back home. Wouldn’t it be nice to just dedicate ourselves to travel and have more margin for improvisation?

However, the economical situation in Spain was pretty bad and we were just very comfortable with our lives in California, so the idea of leaving everything behind to come back home after our trip with such a high unemployment rate didn’t seem too wise.

Then one day while visiting Texas, we met Boriana. She left her job to travel the whole world in a year by herself and gave us some extremely helpful tips and motivation. It was then when it really clicked us — it might not be so unfeasible after all! So we started meeting more and more world travelers who reaffirmed our minds about long term travel, especially our closest friends in California (you know who you are! *wink*) and about 2 years later, we decided to take the risk and make our dream come true. (We happened to be saving money… just in case =P).

What about the crisis?!  Well, if it’s still too bad, we might have to leave again, live abroad again. We give you 1.5 years to improve, Spain!

The preps

The first step was to decide a rough estimate of our path (and we say estimate because it may change), so Carlos took advantage of his computing skills and extracted weather data from all the countries we wanted to go to. Then, we printed it in a very long sheet and marked in color when it would be best to visit each country avoiding monsoons and extreme temperatures. Once we had that, we put post-its on our wardrobe doors for every month and placed under each the names of those countries when it was best to visit. At that moment, we realized we would need more than a year, so we added some more notes 😛

Although this may seem a simple task, it was pretty tough creating a logical itinerary where the countries would be  close enough to each other so we could avoid taking too many planes (thus saving money and CO2 emmissions!), and we had to do this twice, as we modified our departure date from April to September.

Initial preps composition

Secondly, we needed to prepare our move (that is, getting rid of everything we had!!). After some research, we found the idea of publishing a blog to advertise the sale of our belongings. Apart from the blog, we also advertised online in craigslist (what an adventure!).

Meanwhile, we bought many different guidebooks and equipment we thought we might need, booked a flight to Spain and waited for the moment to arrive!

For the last 2 months, we have enjoyed our time with our family and friends in Spain, while preparing our visa request to China, booking the first flight, researching about travel insurance and having relaxing cups of cafe con leche.

He's so relaxed...

He’s so relaxed…

And here we are, just 1 day left before we start our great adventure!

We hope you enjoy the trip 🙂

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