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Just in case somebody is interested now or in the future, we have considered different methods to offer a way to support our blog and travel stories. Some blogs around there have a simple PayPal donation button. Some others have the “buy me a beer” or “pay me a lunch” approach. In our case, since we are working hard taking pictures of everything we see in our travels—learning and growing about photography as much as we can to provide better pictures everyday—and since we didn’t like a donation system without anything provided in exchange, we decided to start offering the option to buy prints, posters, cards and eCards of any of our photos.

Right now you should be able to see three small links at the bottom of each picture in our blog. Clicking any of those links will open a popup window where you can add to the cart any type of printing and size for the desired picture. Later you can then checkout and should receive your printings at the address you specify worldwide (more about this later). Of course the printing will be done using the full size and quality images behind the scenes, not the ones you see on the website which are compressed and reduced in size.

Here are the buttons under a picture.

Here are the buttons under a picture.

All this service is provided through a company called Fotomoto which is specialized in this type of eCommerce and adding all this to our blog was not as easy as one might guess. We required more control of our web site and had to port everything to a self-hosting WordPress site where we can install plugins and scripts. But leaving the technical details aside the important thing is that it is finally done and working. So if you want to support us, feel free to buy one of our prints 🙂

Price transparency

The price you would pay at checkout for every type of print and size includes the following things:

  • Printing and shipping: a fix price provided by Fotomoto for each type of print and size.
  • Fotomoto fee for the service: a percentage of the printing cost above.
  • PayPal fee for receiving money and possible currency exchange: a percentage of the total cost (Well done Elon! Well done…)
  • Taxes if applicable: a percentage of the total cost.
  • What we receive: a percentage of the printing cost above minus the PayPal fee and taxes.

Shipping costs

As stated above, Fotomoto provides the shipping costs which are calculated according to the shipping address of the buyer. The company has different printing and shipping places in the world to cut shipping costs, although not all types of printing are covered everywhere. In case a type of printing is not covered near your shipping country, it will be printed and shipped from the US and the shipping costs will increase considerably. A clear example are canvases: If you ship a canvas to EU, the shipping costs are quite big compared to shipping it to the US. This is because Fotomoto has printing services in EU but those do not cover the printing of canvases. Hopefully Fotomoto will add canvas support to EU soon but for the moment, this is what we have, so keep it in mind if you are shipping outside the US and Canada.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Support us

  1. Irene, ¡soy Marta Callava del CES Felipe II! Me he enterado de tu viaje por casualidad y quiero decirte que me das muuuuucha envidia y que te deseo todo lo mejor en esta gran aventura que ronda por la mente de tantos y pocos se atreven a materializar… ¡Un beso!

    1. ¡Muchísimas gracias, Marta! Me alegra mucho saber de ti y te damos la bienvenida a “este nuestro humilde blog”. 🙂 ¡Ojalá algún día tú también te atrevas! Un besazo grande, espero que te vaya todo fenomenal.

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