Who we are

Hey pals and gals, welcome to Distant Footprints.

We are Carlos and Irene, two Spaniards who have lived abroad for about 9 years and decided to leave the office walls to make their dream of long-term travelling come true.

Originally, we are going to go through most SE Asia and Oceania for 1.5 years, although we don’t discard changing our itinerary and add or remove some of our destinations!

So, what is the plan? These are the countries on our list:

China – Nepal – India – Japan – Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Papua New Guinea – Australia – New Zealand – Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia – Thailand – Myanmar (Burma)

“Just these countries in a year and a half?” you may think… Well, we REALLY like taking things easy, and travel-wise, we’d rather savor the culture of those places we visit than sticking to the touristic spots, which are slightly adapted to foreigners and usually more expensive. This doesn’t mean we will not be visiting the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India or Bali in Indonesia, but we’ll also try to explore a bit more and rest!

From this trip we expect to gain way more than nice pictures, we also hope to learn and grow from our experiences and come back home as better persons, maybe with a more realistic view of the world, further understanding of different cultures and more empathy and adaptability skills.

If you are reading this you probably know us already, but if not, we hope you stay along.



9 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Hello, it is a journey full of surprises, personal experiences, and best of all, a reminder that no one can take away it. enjoy this trip!!!

  2. Vaya. La primera en la frente. Espero que no sea la tarjeta de memoria que os regalamos.
    Por lo que veo las multitudes están a la orden del día, claro es que chinos no faltan.
    Que envidia nos dais, disfrutad por vosotros y nosotros.

  3. Que mala suerte esto de la tarjeta de memoria, espero que no sea la que os regalamos.
    Que estupendo que es todo esto, que sana envidia.
    Disfrutad por vosotros y por nosotros.

  4. I like it, ” to learn and grow from our experiences and come back home as better persons” , for there must be some objective in travelling, whatever it is!

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